Hard hats hanging up on site belonging to the even labour hire team.

All You Need to Know About Event Labour Hire and Temporary Structures

There are various situations in life which may require you to assemble temporary structures, which in turn will necessitate event labour hire. A project like this takes systematic organisation and planning as well as precision throughout every stage of the execution. Depending on the size of the structure, and the event, it could take several months of preparation, and possibly even a year. Taking all of this into consideration, not to mention managing the budgets of the entire operation, it is essential that you hire only the most efficient and reliable contractors and labourers to ensure success.

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Choose VBS Structures for Your Temporary Structures

The success of a modern structure can be found in the balance between impeccable architectural design and practical functionality. Temporary structures should also be evaluated in this way. Creativity is an essential element when it comes to the construction of temporary buildings. They need to be safe, durable, yet demountable and serve their purpose both in terms of design and function. VBS Structures is a structure provider based in the UK. It was founded by two brothers who between them have many years of hands-on experience working in the industry in roles such as structure installers, foreman, and financial advisor of structural projects, structure designer, an engineer and project manager. Since this duo has worked on projects of all sizes and of varying prestige, working from pre-planning all the way through to completion, they are experts at delivering the very best, effective and efficient temporary structures available.

Events Which Could Require Temporary Structures

The events industry in the UK is booming. Now that we are constantly connected, spreading the news of events is easier and more effective than ever. The need for temporary structures that impress is now on demand more than ever before. There are various events that would require a temporary structure, such as festivals, concerts, pop-up stores, conferences, sports events and much more.

Foreman in a hardhat talking on radio at temporary structure site.

TenTen Events

Naturally, if you require a temporary structure to be built for your event, you will also need a team to erect it for you. Raising temporary structures is a skill that relies on expert training and lots of practice with professional guidance throughout all of the logistics. Although you may have the materials and structure itself covered, it is just as important to hire the correctly qualified staff to implement it at your location. TenTen Events is the sister company to VBS Structures, owned by the same two brothers who have a passion for events construction. Event labour hire has never been easier with the assistance of TenTen Events. By choosing a team from this prestigious company, you are guaranteed a specialist, well-equipped crew that will work safely and efficiently to deliver your immaculate structure quickly and effectively.