Petiquette Training

Follow the Blue Cross Petiquette with Our Video Clips!

We are encouraging people to teach their dogs what we call The Blue Cross ‘petiquette’ – some simple steps to ensure good behaviour from your dog.


You can now view the following clips* which demonstrate key Blue Cross petiquette behaviour commands.


These tips are taken from the Training Your Dog leaflet found on the Blue Cross free pet care information site: All About Pets


(*Please note: these clips are around 4mb each in size. If you are having difficulty viewing them, follow the instructions at the foot of this page.)

Petiquette Training Videos

“Leave”, or “off”

Training your dog to leave something

Wearing a Head Collar

Settling in at work

Tips for helping your dog to settle into your workplace

This event has helped…


Sally, a ten-month-old border collie, arrived at our Burford adoption centre in a sorry state. She had been hit by a tractor but thankfully made a full recovery and is now enjoying life in a new home.

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