Audi Retrofit

Audi Retrofit | Start Customising Your Audi

If you have an Audi and are looking into getting some customisation done, why not consider an Audi retrofit. Many businesses will fit genuine Audi parts to your car, with full warranty. An Audi retrofit can refer to numerous different modifications. Some of these are mentioned below. An Audi retrofit could involve having RS Grilles fitted, having a car audio system fitted, fitting parking sensors, or having cruise control fitted.

Audi Retrofit RS Grilles

Having grilles fitted on the front of your Audi is one option. Companies like Customised Vehicles will fit genuine Audi retrofit parts for each German make or model.

Having grilles fitted could be a result of damage or because you just want to customise your car, either way they result in a sleek and stylish look for your Audi.

Audi Retrofit

Car Audio Systems

If it is your audio system that you would like to update then there are many options for this also. You could go for the big name stereos from companies like SONY or JVC, or for lesser known brands like Kenwood.

Audio or entertainment systems can include screens (headrest, in-dash, etc), radios and amps.

Parking Sensors

If you want your Audi retrofit to make your life easier, then consider a parking sensor.

This would be a great help for people who are new to driving and would benefit from a reverse camera system. These sensors can be fitted to old and new models of Audi. This will help those who have some difficulty when trying to manoeuvre into tight spots.

Cruise Control

Cruise control is great for individuals who regularly go on long drives. This device can be fitted easily by companies like Customised Vehicles.

This will mean that when on long drives you can set your car to stay within the speed limit. It would be particularly helpful when it comes to driving on the motorway, as you can often daydream and go above the speed limit accidentally.

Audi Retrofit

Customised Vehicles

Customised Vehicles is a car modification specialist based in the Alexandra Parade area of Glasgow. They specialise in the Audi retrofit as well as other vehicle customisation techniques like car wrapping or ceramic coating.

If you are looking to customise your car then they will help you to devise a bespoke design. They can complete very quick turnarounds when it comes to repairs and installations. This is great when you want to get your car back out on the road asap.