blogger outreach

The Impact of Blogger Outreach on Our Charity

Blogger outreach has helped us survive during some of the hardest times of the Covid-19 pandemic. We reached out to multiple bloggers to see if they would accept a post about us on their platform. We were lucky enough to be accepted by so many people, even if we weren’t relevant to their niche. The pandemic has affected many businesses of all types and sizes. We have been amongst many that have suffered badly. The way in which our business works is through donations from you and since everyone was struggling, we were no longer receiving our usual donations. However, blogger outreach changed that for us. We were able to reach out to a completely new audience that ended up more than just interested in reading our post and actually donated large sums to us.

blogger outreach

What Blogger Outreach Did For Us

Blogger outreach tactic enabled us to receive a large number of donations over a few months. It enables our team to continue to support and look after those dogs that need it the most. Everyone has been struggling over the last year and unfortunately in time of crisis, pet care is something that many cannot afford. Since our support was cut when we needed them most, we weren’t able to help pet owners for a few months. However, one of the volunteers at our centre, who works as a marketer suggested that we used a method that they use in marketing called blogger outreach, and luckily it worked well for us.

blogger outreach

Further Insight

If like us, you are a charity and rely on donations to continue your work then we recommend using blogger outreach to gain more exposure and support. We realised writing a blog post is one of the most effective ways to connect to new audiences. It is an easy way to communicate your thoughts and ideas to people. As a matter of fact, we are now going to focus on our own blog and create frequent posts for our readers. From what we gained by reaching out, we now know for a fact that it is a powerful way to get your message our to the world even when things are extremely bad.

Why Blogger Outreach Helped Us The Way It Did

The blogger outreach method helped us so quickly because the bloggers that we used have spent time building relationships with their audience. We narrowed down our choice and found great bloggers that have truly captured the attention of their target audience. Therefore, when our post was published on their website, the readers instantly reached out to us and over a short period of time, we managed to get things back on track with our charity. If you are a non-profit organisation like us and have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, we highly suggest using blogger outreach to connect to new people.