Simple Steps for Helping You Create a Successful Advert

Stand Out

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements all the time. Whether it’s TV, social media, or hidden adverts that they may not be aware of. A lot of marketing techniques may go over people’s heads, and if your ad is boring or overdone then people will start to lose interest. Make sure your advert stands out by using new and improved ideas.


Use Powerful Headline

As well as the advert itself standing out the headline should also catch people’s attention. The best thing you can do with a headline is make it stick in people’s heads. This can be done by making it catchy, techniques such as using alliteration, keeping it short and snappy or a play on words are all good ways of making a headline stand out.


Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

The use of offers in marketing is incredibly important as it entices consumers to purchase products. Offers such as buy one get one free, a free gift or a percentage of the price off will all encourage consumers to purchase now rather than later.


Call to Action

You don’t want your consumers sitting about for ages trying to decide if they want your product/service. Using a call to action such as “buy now” will give the sale a sense of urgency.



Exciting Graphics

As well as a standout headline, you also want exciting graphics. You want your advert to contain images that catch people’s attention – just be careful and not overcrowd it and bombard people as this could have the opposite effect.



Contact Information

Ensure that contact information can be easily found on your adverts, whether that be a phone number, email address, or social media page. This makes it easier for interested customers to contact you.

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Target the Right Market

Arguably one of the most important things to ensure a successful advert is targeting the right audience. You need to do market research for your intended audience to figure out their wants and needs. A lot of information you can get from secondary sources such as the internet. But for more specialised or niche information you may have to carry out your own primary research. If you target the wrong market, chances are the product or service is not going to do as well.


Evoke an Emotional Response

If you want your advert to be memorable the best thing to do is try and make your audience feel some sort of emotion, you want to get some sort of reaction from your advert. This can be through a multitude of different techniques including;

Emotional marketing

Tug at people’s heartstrings, use topics that are engaging and will evoke an emotional response. You can use topics such as nostalgia or loss to make your audience feel something. John Lewis use emotional marketing for many of their Christmas campaigns, as well as bringing awareness to some pressing issues.

Humorous Marketing

An advert with comedy factor is much more likely to be remembered than a plain run of the mill advert.

The type of marketing technique that you will be able to use will vary from company to company depending on what they do. For example, using humour for sensitive subjects may not be appropriate.