Girl in blue jeans wears brown boots with studs as she walks across a wooden floor.

The Online Fashion Store Bringing Back Beautiful Boots with Studs

We live in a digital age where almost every aspect of our lives can be managed online. From banking to booking a table to watching films, not to mention all the online shopping that is available. Almost everything is available to purchase online, and people are doing more online shopping than ever before. This, of course, is changing the landscape of retail significantly. One of the most positive outcomes of the expanse of online shopping is the opportunities available to small, boutique stores, such as E&A Fashion. To learn more about this small, newcomer business, continue reading.

Girl wears black boots with studs as she bends down to fix her ankle fastening.

E-Commerce Fashion Stores

In a study conducted last year, it was recorded that the fashion industry accounted for one-third of online purchases, with numbers expecting to increase. Naturally, these figures bode well for all online fashion retailers, however, it really makes a difference for the small brands and newcomers. Owning a brick and mortar store costs a lot of money, and many entrepreneurs and small start-ups don’t have the cash to foot the bill. Instead of missing out on an opportunity, it is easier for these businesses to launch an e-commerce website where the costs are significantly lower. E&A Fashion is one of the many fashion retailers which choose to trade entirely online.

E&A Fashion

This online store is a newcomer to the industry and brings something unique to the table. E&A Fashion is a platform supporting independent brands and selling brands that are brand new to the British market. Although this e-store is stocked with a broad variety of labels, there is a consistent theme among the garments: unique fashion you won’t find on the high street. After scrolling through just a few pages of the many that are available, there is a clear ethos of women feeling confident and unique in unusual but stylish dresses, skirts, tops… the list is endless. The team at E&A Fashion look for the most interesting and exciting styles to stock in their store. The key aspects they look for is quality, comfort, affordability and of course originality. Some of the fabulous garments available are wedged high boots, colourful leather jackets and boots with studs.

Female wearing long black boots with studs tucked into black jeans stands on a bridge.

Boots with Studs

As winter draws closer, it is natural for everyone to start transitioning their wardrobe from shorts, t-shirts and sandals into jumpers, jeans and boots. The winter boot is a staple for every woman’s wardrobe and the style depends on the occasion and of course trends. Boots with studs have made appearances at various eras over the decades, as do many other trends. However, E&A Fashion is bringing them back this fall with not one but two shades of the shoe. First, they have the black suede leather ankle boots with studs, and they also stock metallic gold leather ankle boots with studs. Both are original designs by brands that are newcomers to the UK. These are just a few examples of some of the impressive fashion that this business is bringing online.