Modern office space with re-upholstery

Modernise Your Office Space With Re-Upholstery

New Year, New Office

Modern office space with re-upholstery Welcome to 2019! A New Year always brings reflections and resolutions – and in the case of many entrepreneurs and business owners a lot of reflection comes from what their business has achieved in the last year and how could it be improved?

The most important part of any business is their employees and how well you are meeting your employees needs. Giving your employees a nice, atmospheric, in some cases creative and finally enjoyable space to work is a small but mighty way to support them in the workplace. Maybe for your business it is time to change up and makeover your current workplace to help boost employees motivation into the new year.


Google Effect

The 2013 film ‘The Internship’ saw Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson earn a spot in a Google Recruitment Programme. This film showcased just how modern, impressive and creative the Google offices are and how the innovative space improved how employee productivity. This was a turning point for many business small and large to reconsider redecorating their workplace.


Where to Begin?

For many small businesses, their office maintenance budget is fairly small so this theory about productivity in creative spaces can be difficult for many brands – especially in the creative industry. Here are a few top tips for your small business to gain the most out of your employees through modernisation.

1. Re-Upholstery

Out with the old and in the with new…well kind of. Modern office space with re-upholstery


You can easily make a big difference to your office space through the simple use of re-upholstery. Old and worn chairs, cushions and sofas can simply be changed with a newer, fresher fabrics. On trend fabrics for 2019 are soft leathers and colourful velvet. Interesting cushions with motivational words and phrases are also set to make an impact on interior trends this year.

2. Paint Job

Simply painting the office a new colour or giving it a ‘refresh’ can hugely impact on the workplace coming into a new year. As well as this, many new offices are making use of artwork to improve the overlook look and feel of their office and inspire their employees and guests of the building.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

The old fashioned way of working behind a computer in isolating cubicles doesn’t deliver the same levels of productivity as open plan spaces. Creating collaborative meeting spaces around the office will enable employees from different departments  to bounce ideas off each other without disturbing other workers. Think bean bags and large sofas!

4. Visual Aids

Introducing visual aids such as white boards and calendars around the office can help employees keep up to date and on track with dates and deadlines.

5. Atmosphere Boosters

Simple things such as music and lightening can completely change the ‘mood’ or atmosphere of any space. Invest in cool lamp shades and lighting around the office space and decide whether your office will benefit from a music sound system. Access to natural light is also key in managing employee productivity.