Gas Boiler Service Glasgow

A faulty gas boiler can cause a lot of damage. It is very important to have them checked regularly as they can be developing problems gradually and in the end cost a lot to repair or worse still, you may have to replace it. Broken boilers can release dangerous emissions of carbon monoxide which can kill you or affect your health. When a boiler is serviced such problems can be easily averted. Landlords are required by the law to have their boilers serviced regularly although homeowners are not legally obliged to do so. Therefore, they are likely to leave their boilers unchecked until they stop functioning entirely which may be too late. Here are the things you need to know about getting a gas boiler service in Glasgow.

What Happens During a Gas Boiler Service?

A gas boiler service engineer in Glasgow may take some time to clean the boiler if he wants to inspect it thoroughly and see if there are any underlying damages and faults that need to be repaired. Therefore, it is not a quick look at the device and saying it is okay to run for another year. The engineer carries out several checks on the boiler including,

  • Emission tests to see if the boiler is leaking carbon monoxide or any other gas that can endanger a person’s life or health.
  • The boilers ventilation by checking the flue.
  • The safety status of the pipes. The pipework should meet the required safety standards.
  • The engineer will then check for visible leaks and corrosion signs.
  • If the pressure of the gas and water are correct
  • The status of the electrical connections and their working conditions.
  • The overall installation of the boiler. This is to check if it meets the required standards for safety.

Boiler flues that are hidden in the walls and ceilings should have inspection hatches for easier access. It is important that they discard fumes from the boiler as this could be dangerous.

Why You Should Have Your Gas Boiler in Glasgow Serviced Regularly

  • Low costs – Having an efficient boiler will help you cut down on energy bills. This is because there is no heat going to waste, therefore, no energy lost. A regular service combined with a modern boiler should keep the fuel at a minimum. The engineer can also give you some tips on how you can get the most of your boiler after assessing how it is running and its condition.
  • Safety – Faulty boilers will also be a health risk as the gases leaked are very dangerous when inhaled. Carbon monoxide poisoning will give you frequent headaches, nausea, dizziness and if leaked in large amount it can kill. Other emissions will also cause breathing problems.
  • Ensuring that the boiler lasts – Regular checks will ensure that your boiler lasts for a long time. This will save you money as you will not have to replace it soon. Some faults if left unchecked will completely destroy the boiler. A service will ensure that is it is more reliable and usable during all seasons of the year. You may let problems develop during the warmer season and end up inconveniencing you during the cold seasons.

Not servicing your boiler for the period recommended may void your warranty. This will mean if it breaks down you will have to use money from your own pocket. A gas boiler service in Glasgow, or anywhere else should always be done by a professional.