Disappearing doggos

This is the sad reality for many dog breeds in the not too distant future. Unfortunately dogs are subject to going in and out of fashion, which sounds terrible as they are living beings but this is the truth. Every 20 years or so there is a revolution in what people consider to be the on trend dogs, and when this happens the less popular breeds slip away as less of them are bred.

Irish red and white setter

These gentle and loyal working dogs are unfortunately difficult to train and need a lot of stimulus and exercise. In 2015 there was only 64 of these dogs registered, however the more favoured all red setters still remain popular.


Curly coated retriever

It is not often you see one of these types of retrievers. They are super active, lively and fun dogs like all good retrievers. There was only 66 curly coated retrievers registered in 2015.



These slobbery dogs are very affectionate and make great pets, however they have very strong prey instincts. Once they get a hold of a scent they are fully focused and tenacious and need strong leadership to control this energy.   Only 77 were registered in 2015 sadly.


English toy terrier

This cute little dog looks like a miniature Doberman and are actually very fun and lovable. However their bad side is that they bark excessively, meaning that they have become less popular over the years. There was only 78 registered in 2015.


Smooth Collie

Like a regular collie but with short hair, these dogs posses all the brilliant attributes of normal collies, like being smart, fast, agile and affectionate. 2015 saw only 78 of these pups registered.

Gordon Setter

Originally bred as a hunting dog, these guys are very rare nowadays. They make great family companions and are always eager, fearless and loyal.  They have a strong desire to fulfil a role and are better when put to work and have a regular routine.