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Damp Proofing Can Protect Your Dogs

Property issues such as damp can be a real and ever present issue for you and others inside the property. It can pose a risk to your health and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible in order to prevent property damage or any person/animal in the property being affected negatively by it. Damp proofing is an excellent way to stop damp from becoming a significant issue within your home and spreading to other parts of the house.

How Can Damp Occur?

There are a number of different reasons why damp occurs. It can also choose to make its way into a property in a variety of different ways. Typically , older properties tend to be a lot more susceptible to the damage that can come about as a result of damp. Therefore if you live in an older property then you may well wish to consider the services of damp specialists who can work to apply damp proofing across your property in order to protect it from damp.

A common way for damp to occur within a property is for it to travel through the walls. Damp normally travels through the walls because there has been a build up of water or rain outside the property. This can lead to moisture building up on the ground and near the walls. Once this has occurred damp can then be given the opportunity to move into a property and work its way through different parts of the property. Floods can often lead to large damp spots and if these are not found and eliminated quickly they can lead to the property becoming damaged fairly quickly as a result of structural damage and other similar related conditions such as mould.

If you fail to routinely check and look after your property then it will likely fall victim to damp. Therefore where possible you should work to ensure that damp is eliminated from your property. Take photos of any damp spots or occurrences that you find within your property so that they can be addressed and dealt with by a property specialist.


Damp proofing

What Problems Can Damp Cause?

Generally speaking , there are a range of different conditions and problems that damp can cause. One of the most common conditions that can be caused as result of damp and moisture build up within a property is mould. Mould is when bacteria and fungus grows in an area where water has been established within the surface. Eventually this becomes mould which forms large dark marks on the surface that it affects. Mould is a fairly serious issue which can pose health risks to people and animals that are exposed to it for pro-longed periods of time. Therefore it is very important that damp is tackled shortly after it has been found and identified.

If damp has not been found and eliminated , mould has been found to lead to health conditions in both humans and animals such as asthma. Therefore if you know about an issue that may be present it is crucial that you tackle it and respond appropriately to it.

Damp proofing